rrub hand sanitizer

Revolutionizing the way sanitizers work with our ActivCapSeal Technology

rrub and remove germs from your hands with rrub bacterial peel sanitizer specially formulated with ActivCapSeal Technology to effectively sanitize and kill germs.



alcohol free


kill germs

Kills & Removes 99.99% of germs



Lab Certified

Lab Certified



bacterial peel

Bacterial Peel

Smells Awesome

Smell nice

Paraben Free and SLS/SLES Free

Paraben and SLS/SLES Free

ActivCapSeal Technology

ActivCapSeal Technology is a polymer science-based technology. The polymer in the solution starts to crosslink during evaporation, forming a network to encapsulate the bacteria. The encapsulated dead and live bacteria are shredded off from your hand during rubbing action. 

rrub’s patent-pending ActivCapSeal Technology is the key solution to physically remove the bacteria from your hands.

rrub hand sanitizer

Instant Sanitization, Lasting Protection

How rrub works

rrub is an innovative bacterial peel hand sanitizer specially formulated with ActivCapSeal™ Technology. rrub is gentle, moisturizing and non-sticky while effectively eliminating germs and removing impurities from your skin

Active Mist: rrub activates instantly, providing absolute coverage for encapsulation and bacterial peel.


Encapsulation: rrub encapsulates live and dead germs on your hands.

clean hand and protection

Bacterial Peel: rrub acts like a liquid magnet to gently catch live and dead germs on the surface of the skin; removing it through rubbing action.
It is normal if you remove some micro clay-like film.*

* Results varies between individuals

clean hand

Result: Non-drying, clean and pristine hands.

Sanitize and Protect You and Your Loved Ones

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