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Revolutionizing the way sanitizers work with our
ActivCapSeal Technology


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Premium Protection Copper Mask (4)

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Spritz rrub liberally on your hands. rrub hands together for at least 20 seconds, or until hands feel clean and fresh. It is normal if dirty flakes from hands are removed. 
Bring it with you wherever you are and use it when soap and water are not available.
Don’t forget to use it when travelling in public transport, before eating, using the toilet or surfaces in public with high touchpoints.

Active Ingredients: Benzalkonium Chloride, Cetylpyridinium Chloride
Inactive Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Alpha Cellulose, Citric Acid, Glycerin, Fragrance

Formulated without Alcohol, Chlorine, Paraben, SLS/SLES and Triclosan


Lab Certified


Product of Singapore

rrub_Moisturising FHS_lorikeet_Main info (osmanthus)
rrub_Moisturising FHS_lorikeet_Main info (red rose)
rrub_Moisturising FHS_lorikeet_Main info (shiso apaisant)
rrub_Moisturising FHS_lorikeet_Main info (white tea)
rrub_Moisturising FHS_Perfume_lorikeet_Main info Pacific
rrub_Moisturising FHS_Perfume_lorikeet_Main info Blackout
rrub_Moisturising FHS_Perfume_lorikeet_Main info Blossom

Behind the Science

Patented Proprietary ACTIVCapSeal Technology from Singapore
rrub_bacteria peel_icelandicsummer_-01

1. Active Mist

rrub activates instantly, providing absolute coverage for encapsulation and bacterial peel

rrub_bacteria peel_icelandicsummer_-02

2. Encapsulation

With our proprietary ACTIVCapSeal Technology, rrub encapsulates live and dead germs on your hands


3. Disinfected Hands

rrub acts like a liquid magnet to gently catch live and dead germs on the surface of the skin; removing it through rubbing action. 


4. Leave-on Bioshield

Leave-on protection for up to 1000 touches and up to 6 hours intense hydration.


5. Bioshield Activation

Activated to kill germs upon contact.

Patented Proprietary ACTIVCapSeal Technology

Encapsulates and removes 99.99% dirt and germs, dead or alive.  

1000 Touches Protection

Keeps you protected against multiple touchpoints

6 Hours Intense Hydration

No more dry cracked hands

Why Antimicrobial Protection is Important

There’s no way around it: There are surfaces and items you touch when you are at the gym, commuting on public transports and even grocery shopping.
However, you can protect yourself by using an effective hand sanitizer frequently and avoid touching your face.
Using phones
Collecting parcels
On door knobs
On handrails
On escalators
Using laptop

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Scented Series

6 hours intense hydration and 1000 touches protection.
Available in spray and foam versions.

Group Spray 60ml Hand sanitizer

Moisturizing Spray Hand Sanitizer​

6 HR Intense Hydration 60ml
Natural Notes

Foam 60ml NS Hand Sanitizer_Group

Moisturizing Foam Hand Sanitizer

6 HR Intense Hydration 60ml
Natural Notes

Group Spray 60ml PS Hand Sanitizer

Moisturizing Spray Hand Sanitizer

6 HR Intense Hydration 60ml
Lifestyle Notes

Foam 60ml PS Hand Sanitizer_Group

Moisturizing Foam Hand Sanitizer

6 HR Intense Hydration 60ml
Lifestyle Notes

Also Available

A mini pocket-size bottle to keep your hands squeaky-clean wherever you go. 

A handy bottle for any occasion to protect you from germs & impurities. 

A handy self-foaming bottle for extra protection while on-the-go.

A refill pack for both self-foaming and spray bottles for any sanitization needs. 

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