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Traditional Hand Sanitizers kill germs, but dead germs remain on your hands.

We created one that kills and removes them.

rrub - Rinse-free Sanitizing Hand Wash is an innovative formulation enabling the effective removal of live and dead microbes, dust, dirt and grease to be removed from your hands within 20 seconds. This excellent and unique innovation means your hands are protected from bacteria for a longer time! Your hands will thank you for taking extra good care of them.




The Problem

The truth is hand sanitizers do not remove bacteria but neutralizes it. These bacteria are still present on your hands which will repopulate later. According to the CDC, “Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can quickly reduce the number of microbes on hands in some situations, but sanitizers do not eliminate all types of germs.” This can pose a potential hazard for hand sanitizers users unknowingly.


There is no better feeling than having clean hands at any time of the day, wherever you are. Whether you have pushed the supermarket trolley for your grocery runs or punched the buttons and handled cash from the ATM machine, we are inevitably exposed to countless bacteria throughout multiple surfaces. However, finding a facility to wash your hands regularly with soap and water might be a struggle when you’re out and about. 




Hence, we have created a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind rinse-free sanitizing hand wash that offers both the performance of traditional handwashing with water and convenience of hand sanitizer.

We set out to reinvent a product which delivers the convenience of a hand sanitizer and providing you with the benefits of handwashing with soap. rrub is a rinse-free sanitizing hand wash that encapsulates microbes to facilitate its effective removal from your hands. rrub also contains a one-of-a-kind Bioshied formulation which protects your hands from unwanted germs after application.


The Solution

Spray (an appropriate amount of) rrub onto your palm and rub your hands until it feels non-sticky. The whole rubbing process should take approximately 20 seconds, which ensures effective sanitization.

rrub works in 3 stages

rrub effectively kills microbes present on your hand in the 1st stage.

As the solution dries up in the 2nd stage, the Microbe Encapsulation Technology immediately kicks in, forming a thin layer of film to assist in the removal of both live and dead microbes, dust, dirt and grease through the rubbing action.

In the final 3rd stage, the thin film left behind forms a Bioshield on your hand to facilitate the removal of post-sanitization microbes more easily during your next routine hand hygiene.



What is Microbe Encapsulation Technology?

rrub is specially formulated with patent-pending Microbe Encapsulation Technology which quickly forms a perfect seal around live and dead microbes to facilitate its effective removal from your hands.

Microbe Encapsulation Technology is a polymer science-based technology. The polymer in the solution starts to crosslink during evaporation, forming a network to encapsulate the bacteria. The encapsulated dead and live bacteria are shredded off from your hand during rubbing action. 

rrub's patent-pending Microbe Encapsulation Technology is the key solution to physically remove the bacteria from your hands.

What is Bioshield?

Bioshield is an invisible, nano-thin film on your hand after sanitization with rrub. It forms a protective barrier against microbes which lands on your hand after initial sanitization. As a result, microbes are more easily removed during subsequent application of RRUB or hand washing.



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