Lumiflo Technology

Patent pending Lumiflo Technology, UV-C LED Reinvented.

It started with a simple idea to change the way we use water.

Champs Industrial’s patent pending technology incorporates the use of the most advanced UV-C LED technology and novel flow cell design to create a disinfection system that is highly effective, efficient and reliable.

Engineered to Precision

Engineered to Precision

The LUMIFLO™ generation of products are meticulously engineered to combine sleek product design with sophisticated disinfection technology.

Take Control of Your Water

LUMIFLO™ technology makes water safer by eradicating harmful micro-organisms with a proven 99.99%* effectiveness.

take control of your water
Just Use It

Just Use It

The latest disinfection technology packed into simple, easy-to-use products. Safe Water?
No Sweat.

Safety First

LUMIFLO™ Technology is powered by UVC-LED which is safer than Mercury-based UV Technology. Its unique flow cell design ensures every drop of water is through thoroughly and effectively purified. Not a single drop of water is left out in the purification process.

safety first

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Our Lumiflo Technology is Patented

Undergoing rigorous research and testing, we have developed Lumiflo Technology. Creating a disinfection system that fights antibiotic-resistant superbugs in water

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Lumiflo Lumistraw below bare all
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Own your portable water purification device with Lumistraw

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