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LUMISTRAW is powered by Champs Industrial (CI)’s International Patent Pending technology, named LUMIFLO.

CI’s LUMIFLO technology effectively controls fluid direction and rate of flow to maximise disinfection performance and overall system efficiency. Coupled with a chamber cell material that reflects almost 100% of UV light internally, LUMISTRAW is able to destroy 99.99%* of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms almost instantly.

UV disinfection works by a line-of-sight mechanism by targeting and disrupting the DNA of microorganisms, rendering them inactive and harmless. However, there is a critical UV exposure time required for effective UV disinfection. With these parameters and constraints, we started a research and development program, testing countless flow cell designs, as well as different UV-C LEDs to ensure efficient complete disinfection in our technology.

LUMISTRAW does not require any filter replacement.

LUMISTRAW is conveniently rechargeable via MicroUSB and it takes about 30 minutes for a full charge.

No, it does not change the taste of water in any way as UV-C light will not remove any dissolved minerals. However, it does improve the overall experience of drinking purified water and with LUMIFLO technology, LUMISTRAW avoids backwards contamination of the water in the bottle.

The LED itself is rated for over 100,000 on/off cycles – 10x more robust than existing Mercury-lamp options . Depending on your use, it should last for more than 10,000 hours of usage.

Theoretically, LUMISTRAW does not need cleaning as the disinfection chamber is made of self-cleaning, antimicrobial and non-stick material properties. If correctly used with recommended water sources, we recommend cleaning LUMISTRAW once every 6 months.

LUMISTRAW’s disinfection chamber may be removed for cleaning by unscrewing the straw body (PTFE tube). The straw’s head unit should be wiped with a damp cloth. DO NOT activate UV-C LED when cleaning and it should not be directly exposed to the human eye.The silicon mouthpiece can be detached and washed. 

Click link to view video of ” How to clean and assemble Lumistraw”:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfN3WCGWzdM&t=33s

No, LUMISTRAW’s head unit cannot be submerged in water.

We also do not recommend washing the head unit under running water.

LUMISTRAW brings confidence to the user by removing the disease-causing germs from potable water sources such as water coolers, tap water at public and private place of residence, work & leisure. LUMISTRAW is designed to be used with water drinking applications only.

LUMISTRAW, powered by the patent pending LUMIFLO technology, features a unique dodecagon PTFE disinfection flow cell chamber providing almost instant disinfection which is more powerful, efficient and effective purification.

Its unique straw design means usage is not limited by a vessel, as users are able to reap its disinfection benefits with its proprietary bottle, some common PET bottles and even cups.

LUMISTRAW is designed for the consumption of water only and we would advise against using it with sugary fluids as this would require higher maintenance and disassembly for hand washing. What’s more, water is calorie-less, you’re consuming zero calories with water!

Ensure a thorough wash through of the straw body using warm water.

Currently, LUMISTRAW is designed for consuming liquids below 40°C. Please use only warm water.

LUMISTRAW makes use of PTFE (eg. Teflon) for its patent pending flow cell which aids in reflecting twice as much UV-C as stainless steel. The straw tip is made using food-grade silicone for a soft sip experience.Other parts of LUMISTRAW are manufactured using high quality Polycarbonate.

The bottle that comes with LUMISTRAW holds 500ml of water. You do also have the option to use LUMISTRAW with other vessels to drink however you would like to.

No, it does not remove heavy metals or fluoride. But it removes 99.99% of bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

The UV-C LED breaks up bacteria DNA, so it becomes harmless organic material.

Water should minimally be clear to the eye with minimal sediment. If water is murky with particles, it needs to be filtered by additional filtration.

LUMISTRAW is able to remove the disease-causing germs from water. The turbidity of potable water should be less than 5NTU to safely use LUMISTRAW.

Yes, LUMISTRAW has undergone extensive testing with certified third party laboratories. It has been shown to be effective against various germs, including E.coli, Salmonella, Staph and MRSA.

LUMISTRAW is proudly conceived, designed and assembled in Singapore.

LUMISTRAW’s UV-C radiation is encased in a PTFE housing, ensuring that the UV-C radiation remains inside the flow cell, protecting the user from accidental exposure. During the cleaning maintenance LUMISTRAW should never be switched ON. The UV-C LED will only activate if the user presses the ON button.

We offer a 12 months limited warranty covering all manufacturing faults. The warranty is not inclusive of wear and tear, nor damage caused by accident or abuse and damage to the battery pack due to overcharging, deep discharging, excessive discharge current, or improper storage.

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