premium protection

Copper Mask

Pure comfort and style

Mask up and embrace the new normal

One of Champs Industrial’s mission is Infection Prevention through Technology. It is fitting then, that we harness one of nature’s element for protection, unparalleled comfort and style.

Stay in your
comfort zone

The unique material construction allows high breathability and lightweight comfort while keeping you protected

Copper, one of the most important elements on earth

Copper infused fabric is 99.9% antibacterial and antiviral. The mask also features UV protection and repels droplets effectively

Fresh confidence

The mask features a special deodorizing function and anti-fog coating to keep your daily routine uninterrupted

Your skin will
thank you

Premium protection copper mask is non-allergenic and non-skin irritant

Perfect V-fit

With its ultra-soft and stretchy material, this elegant mask contours to the shape of your face

Protect yourself and our planet

Reusable and a lot eco-friendlier than disposable masks, the premium protection copper mask retains its protection function and performance even after 50 washes

We will donate 1 Mask to charity for every 5 Masks sold

Anti Bacterial 99.99%

Anti Virus



V-fit Design

Anti Droplet

UV Protection

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